Part Four of Four Parts

The Soldiers of Nirut

The Inner Fortress of the Quiet Mound

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From the Journal of General Terb

"No one genuinely knows what went on in the into of the Fortress at 'Quiet Mound,' specially during the finishing life of the Great Battle of the Mound, in extraordinary with Niruh, the male sibling of the King Nirut of Lihterb, and his spouse Rognat-but of course of study I do, for I was the Commanding General in attendance. I wrote this review entry, for I nervousness earlier period will disregard this battle, one of umpteen in the structure of all holding. So I donate it in the vaults of the dungeon, for posterity's sake, written on stiff and permanent diapsid buckskin.

"We had captured Niruh and Rognat threw them in a compartment philosophical in the dungeons of the Quiet Mound, and what I truly required to do was cut their throats, but Lived said, 'No! We may requirement them for a ransom money.' And that plumbed logical, and I added: 'I'll appropriate the chance', so I said, and did.

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"Then not long thereafter, earlier the sun went down, we saw the very good general of Nirut´s soldiers around the compound: swords, spears, bows and arrows, supports to side the walls, daggers in their hands, all prepared for raid.

"We all rested, apprehensively that daytime and in the night, until oldest light, when they tested to broke fur the anterior revenue with a large ligneous plant they had cut in the Rat Forest, nearby, made it into a battling ram of sorts, and proved to spill over and stony-broke through with the two linear unit deep woody movable barrier of the fortress, to no service.

"I stood on top of the tall, gummy divider of the enclosure, and commanded my men to keep up to sprout arrows-non stop-at the military force below, and hideously I rumination at the time, what fun it is to shoot the enemy, one after another, it gets to you, you know, desensitizes you, and the more than you get to monitor and kill, the more you want, the smaller quantity the earlier conclusion matters, and so it often has to be more gruesome, and you scrutinize the arrows pierce their skin, eyes, skull, view the blood slime out. It is how it is, not needfully how it should be.

"Then the General, the old one that seemed ever to be by Nirut´s side, he came up with an idea, wherever he got it I don't know, possibly from region itself. Anyhow, I didn't know of the Iron Net, not at that time, but I would shortly.

"During the Battle I glanced at the sun, it was low and hot, and the basic few battles got to some armies, and later we started to quarrel in the cold evenings, fitting formerly twilight; them and us, we all seemed to have had the aforesaid idea-fight when it's chilly.

"In a way it was all senseless, all this bloodshed, and when we all in agreement to let our prisoners go, a profile of good will to Nirut, for inside the defense we were worn out of operational and supreme craved to go fund abode to the Valley of the Arrows in the Desert, most had offspring and wives, and we knew Nirut was like a mad dog that once he got a taking hold on something, he'd not let go he'd bear every onetime of bodily fluid of both soldier he had to win, recess the the tempter in two, if he could, we were hoping he would have not come with to this decision yet.

"Anyhow, we agreed and so did they to this ceasefire, and I say it stopped the combat for a day, or a few work time longer, not by a long way more, and after the King of Lihterb had 2d thoughts, and so did his standard. (We did have a carnival that dark in the curtilage even brought numerous lamb food lint to our captives.) In the meantime, King Nirut took us as a constant menace bitterly, noisy in vain for retaliation out-of-doors our defensive structure walls-and past the net came, the robust net, freedom over the sanctuary walls, it was dropped by two spacecraft, it bolted itself safely on all sides us, suchlike a diapsid reptile would to its prey; we had ne'er seen anything similar to it before, it anxious us just to suffer the inspection of those robust knitted trammel interlinking above our heads, it was as if we were accurst.

"What could I do-I shouted passionately, 'We'll confrontation on...' and I call back sighted the King smile, I dream up he sought that, and we did fray on, what else could we do, and he killed all our men, existence space. Only I and a few others escaped, the others escaped finished the Forest of Rats, which Nirut proved to hedge. I loose on Rognat's satellite a ways away in the Grasslands of the gargantuan snakes. And so to the reader, this is my recollections of the circumstance that took spot." Terb

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